May 6, 2016

The journey begins

Finally, my first post...

After quite some time of researching which blog format is better: Ghost or Wordpress, I ultimately chose Ghost. Not because its 'better' but because it seemed clean, simple and the dual preview pane and appeal of markdown language seemed exciting. I do have to warn you the forums discussing the two aforementioned blog types are right when they say, Ghost is great but you do have to host it, meaning it takes longer to set up...totally true especially if this is the first time you have ever set up your blog with a hosting site. However, I thought 'ah easy enough, I am up for the challenge'.

I started with Amazon EC2 and there is a lot going on there for a beginner. Looks like it would be great if you were an enterprise company that needed to scale or not a total beginner. Anyway had to stop using Amazon EC2 because I couldn't get my IP address to link to my domain (I would later figured this out after switching hosting services). Digital Ocean's hosting service seemed like a logical next step given its clean set up and visual appeal. While Amazon EC2 took about 4 hours for me to set up, Digital Ocean only took about 20 minutes. Boom...up and running!!

So here I sit @ 12:52 after canceling one hosting service, starting another, writing tech support, reading multiple tutorials on how to do this cool thing and that cool thing on the back end (to little success at least for now), I am finally writing my first post in a state of pure exhaustion and joy.

Now the true journey begins. In this blog I will attempt and my goal at the outset is to illuminate the similarities, differences and nuances of music, copyright and code while maintaining a soft focus on my coding journey and the tools, tips and tricks learned along the way.