May 18, 2016

Who am I and why a blog?

It has been almost two weeks since my very first post. I have had the hardest time figuring out what to write, how to start or what topic to choose from. So instead of continuing to ponder where the next big idea will come from, I decide to start with the basics: who am I and why a blog.

I never ever thought that I would start a blog because I never thought that I would have anything interesting to say. That still may be true but at least now I am beginning a new journey to learn how to code and I have the urge to write, to iterate and repeat.

The Back Story

Ever since I was a child I loved to build and create. Forts. Tree houses. Lego cities. Tinker toys. Musical Numbers. Dance routines. I once built a crane (picture the industrial construction version) probably no bigger than a yellow tonka dump truck. It was made out of strong construction paper that had a string running from the bottom to the top of the neck where a magnet was fastened and I could pick up other magnetic objects by raising and lowering the string by turning the 'crank'; a paperclip.

Then there was the music. I started playing, making, creating and writing music when I was very young, majored in music in college and I still play today. I have always loved how you can craft a piece of music from the ground up starting with one note, adding a few more here and a few more there to create a wonderful creative output. Probably, the best part is the slightest change of a note or chord can change your song entirely or give it a new feel. I think this is one reason why I am attracted to code; start with an input, manicure it and you get an output. I will go into this idea in more depth in a future post.

Why Coding

There are a few reasons as to why coding and why now. The first being my passion of music (as mentioned above), desire to tinker, explore, and create has drawn me naturally to this subject. The second and most important reason is my wife. She has been encouraging me for years to start learning code and has been saying:

"Honey I think you would be so good at that"

So I finally decided to take her advice, shift my focus and dive head first into the world of code. So much so that I start a coding bootcamp in two months UT Austin Coding Boot Camp.

Why This Blog

This brings me to why start a blog and why this blog. I have been reading a lot about how if you code you should have a blog and I can see how useful it could be. If you have an idea or want to showcase a project or write down what you learn especially as a beginner it is a great place to do it.

So logically since I want to learn to code, I started a blog. Since my background is in music and copyright/music licensing, I want to explore how music, copyright and code intersect. Also, since I am new to coding and until I find my 'blogging voice,' I am sure there will be posts interspersed about my coding journey. Hence the blog description.

This is where I sign off at least for now but I will be back to blog another day as my coding journey continues.

And only time will tell if my wife is right. For my sake I hope she is.

Shout outs

(a few cool sites and/or helpful links I have found along the way):